About Campbell Strata

about-campbell-strataOur History

In 1982, Maxine Campbell was working for Macdonald & Partners, a chartered accounting firm and befriended a co-worker who lived in a strata corporation.

Maxine’s co-worker shared with her the challenges her strata council experienced working with their current strata management company which was located in New Westminster. They were in need of a trusted professional who was conveniently located, but at that time there were few options in the Fraser Valley. It was after several discussions Maxine’s co-worker recommended that Maxine consider entering the industry.

With her friend’s encouragement, accounting experience and Condominium Act, Maxine went to meet with her friend’s strata council. She was honest about her limited experience, yet expressed her willingness to work hard to put the interests of the strata lot owners first. After that short conversation a relationship was established and Maxine Campbell became responsible for her first strata titled property, Birchgrove Terrace.

Maxine was so successful at the work she did that a short time later another strata title property hired her and yet another and before she knew it the business began to flourish by word of mouth.

Maxine’s success was due to her desire to work with honesty and integrity on behalf of the strata title properties she managed to advise them on strata issues and financial responsibility. It is for this reason that we can proudly say we continue to serve those first four strata titled properties 30 years later.

Campbell Today

Honesty, integrity, ethics and a commitment to the highest professional standard is still what drives us and will always form the nucleus of all we do at Campbell Strata Management Ltd.  

It’s what we know best and will constantly deliver to all the Strata Corporation’s we serve. We know our roots and are proud of our commitment to excellence in strata management services.

Our team of highly trained professionals has grown and continues to grow as we position ourselves to be the strata management company of choice serving the communities in the Fraser Valley, Metro Vancouver and Okanagan Valley.

Success Stories

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