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Managing New Buildings

We focus our property management on five areas of excellence.

Advisory Services

  • Our end to end strata experience assists us in establishing a strata corporation best designed to serve the future owners and ensure all your legal requirements are fulfilled.
  • We review the bylaws for your strata titled property to ensure they are suitable for providing a superior living experience.

Financial Management

  • We assist in preparing your operating budget and maintenance fee schedules.
  • Ensure maintenance fees, special levies, and monies owed are collected on behalf of the strata corporation
  • Prepare financials to compare revenues and expenditures to budgeted amounts providing insight fiscal health.

Project Management

  • We will leverage our bulk buying power and vendor relationships to negotiate cost effective contracts and preferred partnerships for your maintenance, staffing, insurance, appraisals, and depreciation reporting.
  • Develop operating plans and schedules for maintenance to ensure your strata titled property is in excellent condition for prospective buyers.

Relationship Management

  • Arranging the first Annual General Meeting including, finalizing meeting facility, preparing meeting packages, notifying all owners, recording attendance and creating minutes of the meeting.
  • Orient new strata council members.
  • Address the inquiries from all external parties as related to the strata corporation.
  • Develop welcome packages for distribution to all new owners.

Records Management

  • Maintain building plans, warranty information disclosures, bylaws and mandatory documentation as legislated to ensure the Strata Corporation is operating within the provincial mandate.
  • Provide disclosures and other documents as requested by potential owners and their representatives with a turnaround time that exceeds the requirements set out in the Strata Property Act.

Our team would be happy to assist you in the process, please do not hesitate to contact our office or submit a Property Management online.

Developer Benefits

developer-benefitsAs a developer your goal is to deliver the best residential experience. As a Strata Management Company our goal is to provide your development team with the best advice on administering your real estate property management.. As a strata management company we will support you throughout your journey setting a solid foundation for the strata corporation, planning every detail of your buildings operational budget, developing an owners database to coordinating warranties and deficiencies, tendering long term maintenance and service contracts to ensuring smooth transition of your project from you the developer to the new owners of the strata plan  alongside assisting you in facilitating the first annual general meeting.

Our experience developing real estate property management programs according to strata legislation has enabled us to partner with several large developers throughout Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley. This experience is what enables us to understand the needs of your development to ensure it is best positioned to develop liveable communities and secure your reputation as an expert in delivering superior real estate properties.

Regardless of the current phase of your real estate development project we are wiling and able to partner with you to protect the value of the property and deliver the best residential experience.

Property Types
We have experience building strata corporations for everything from phased to mixed used properties whatever style they may be.

Working with Developers

developer-benefits-working-with-developersAs a Strata Management company we understand that the level of service we provide is a direct reflection on the quality of the development you have constructed. It is our commitment as a real estate property management provider to represent your development company with the utmost professionalism, integrity and the highest ethical standards.

To assist in elevating the prestige of your new strata titled property we have assembled a team with the industry and technical expertise needed to focus on key areas to ensure that you receive proactive advice.

Each new development will be supported by:

  • A strata manager who is your main point of contact and is ultimately responsible for the success of the strata corporation.
  • An executive team who advises on the activities of the strata manager and reviews all regulatory documents for your strata title property to ensure the service provided is of above reproach.
  • An accounting team with an extensive strata management accounting experience.
  • A strong administrative team who ensure all matters are documented and organized.

Our Method
At Campbell Strata Management Ltd., it is our goal to be a proactive strata management company who focuses on prevention rather than correction. For this very reason we strive to understand the nuances of your strata titled property and develop the management plans necessary to avoid the exorbitant costs of reactionary measures.

Success Stories

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