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Success Stories

Three years ago our strata was bankrupt due to very poor management. The council decided to source out a new management company. We met with Campbell Strata Management and presented our situation. They immediately told us what we had to do to get our finances back on track and within weeks Campbell Strata Management had a financial plan in place. The Campbell team worked very hard on our behalf and within the first year we were back on track.

It does not seem to matter what kind of unique, strange or complex problem our council presents to our
property manager Jackie Burnett-Thompson she manages it with professionalism, empathy and sound
knowledge of the Strata Propetty Act.

 I highly recommend Campbell Strata Management for their knowledge, professional team and their
genuine commitment to making Strata Corporations successful.

Strata Corporation

From the first day meeting their team, everyone at Campbell Strata Management has exemplified excellent professionalism and a commitment to the needs of us and our homeowners. We are convinced that choosing Campbell to be the strata managers of our latest project was the best decision. They were willing to work closely with us to prepare accurate budgets and to not only assist our homeowners with the transition into their new homes but provide great management of the strata moving forward. We look forward to using them for our numerous upcoming projects and wouldn't hesitate in rcommending Campbell to our friends, collleagues and other development partners."

Brent Hanson
South Street Development

Our strata complex has used the services of Campbell Strata Management for 15 years. During that time we have been well served by their staff who exhibit professionalism, competency and care. Campbell has been honest and fair in all their dealings; they understand the dynamic of working with volunteers who often do not fully understand their responsibilities and limitations as strata board members. We have especially
appreciated their workshops on insurance and governance.

Because of their size and experience, Campbell has quick recourse to the many services required by a strata complex. They are able to find the best deal because of their economy of scale. In all respects they have handled our needs with the necessary insight and diligence that every strata would be appreciate.

Gerald Ebbers
Strata President

I have worked with Campbell Strata since 2010 and found the property management' team to be consistently responsive to their client's needs. Our strategic partnership has allowed their clients to receive a world class service from Waste Management of Canada Corporation. From what I have seen is that, they always ensure to put the clients interest at the forefront and provide an excellent service. It is our pleasure to be associated with Campbell Strata Management

Robin Vachhani
Waste Management of Canada

Our strata recently elected to hire a management company. We had been a self-managed strata for over 23 years. After 5 months of interviews and proposals, we selected Campbell Strata Management Ltd as our management company. The services that they offered were far above the other companies that we interviewed.

That was three years ago. The transition was flawless and the employees of CSM were helpful, efficient and responsive to our every concern. They are very knowledgable of the laws and always adgere to them. I would strongly recommend this company. Our strata feels secure with them. 


We made the change to Campbell Management after three years of progressively deteriorating service from our last property management company. The Council interviewed three different companies and we were impressed with both the quality of Campbell's presentation and the depth of experience at the company. As it turns out, they are exactly as presented - knowledgeable, responsive and efficient- a pleasure to work with.

Kathy Morse
Strata President

Campbell Strata Management, and their staff, has continually provided us with the guidance and information we require to manage our Industrial/commerciaI complex.

Glen Robinson
Strata President

To whom it may concern:

As part of our annual performance review process for strata management, I am glad to write a testimonial to share our experience with Campbell Strata Management.

Looking back two years ago, our strata corporation's situation was no difference from many troubled complexes with failing operation and management in the province's landscape of 700,000 condominium units: severely faltering services, constant rising condo fees, ever developing toxic relationship situations between strata corporation and strata management as well as among owners. The only difference: our strata has over 300 units, larger than many others in size, with larger problems. It came to a point that that the annual budget was defeated at AGM in 2011.

A Special General Meeting had to be called to deal with the crisis. The newly elected Strata Council has conducted thorough investigation and hire Campbell Strata Management as the new strata manager. Campbell Strata Management was professionally prepared and they could help the strata to complete the transition from old management firm smoothly without incident. Campbell Strata Management was able to identify the operational challenges and opportunities so the Budgeting process looks easy and making sense. Campbell Strata Management was diligent on managing Operational Fund and Contingency Reserve Fund. They not only have followed Strata Property Act, they also prioritized projects, acted on warranties, managed contractors, and redefined on-slte staff functions to better suit owners' needs with greater efficiency and affordability.

The results are amazing. Our strata made $30,000 Operation Surplus in the first year with Campbell. Our Current Ratio achieved 343% positive change. Our Debt-to-Equity Vorth Ratio achieved 89% positive change. We can pay our bllls. We have ability to sustain the strata corporation. We made sense out of cents. Most importantly, all together, we re-shaped the strata with a sense of decent community: "Our Homes. Our

Eric Dang,
Strata Council President

Success Stories

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