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North Vancouver

Property Management North Vancouver Property Management North Vancouver    

North Vancouver is home to both the city of North Vancouver and the District of North Vancouver that are separate entities whose combined real estate property is often referred to as “North Vancouver”. Together they are home to over 120,000 residents who share several core services including school districts, recreation commissions and police departments but host their own mayor, councils and operations departments.  The District of North Vancouver is the larger of the two and is primarily made of single- family residential housing. The City of North Vancouver is home to the majority of the North Shore's rental properties, commercial properties, and high density property developments. The restaurants, small businesses and residential units make North Vancouver an exciting municipality with one of Canada’s lowest crime rates. With about 45% of its population renting their homes, the City of North Vancouver maintains the most robust rental market of all the North Shore municipalities.


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City Change Planning Change Initiatives   http://www.cnv.org//default.aspx?c=2&i=390
City Website   http://www.cnv.org/



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