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Incorporated in 1892, Mission is the 23rd largest municipality in British Columbia and hosts a population of over 35,000 people. Only 15 minutes from the US border and 70km east to the City of Vancouver, Mission is a relaxed community, with modern commercial centres, scenic destinations and a keen sense of history experienced through its heritage buildings and historic downtown core. With over 10,000 private households comprised primarily of single home dwellings more than 75% of homes are owner occupied. Only 25% of dwellings are rented in the City of Mission and based on statistical analysis the average cost of living is under 30% of total income making Mission an affordable place to live. There has been a transition towards building multi-family residential units to provide a variety of housing types for those of all incomes and lifestyles. Mission is positioned for growth with a projected increase in the stock of dwelling units by 98% by the year 2031, single detached units will be the dominant housing form but the variety of townhomes, condominiums, and multifamily complexes will increase by 230%. Economic activity in Mission is led by a growing manufacturing, construction, and education industries, but more than one third of all income generated in Mission is from the public sector including local schools, health care, and government. The city’s strategic plan is largely focused on diversifying the economy and to create opportunities for residents to work in the city, as currently over 60 percent of residents work outside of Mission. The vision for mission is that of a healthy balance of residential and commercial land, abundant parkland and open space, this family oriented affordable community continues to strive and uphold its reputation as the “the jewel in the valley”.


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City Change Planning Change Initiatives   http://www.mission.ca/municipal-hall/departments/economic-development/
City Website   http://www.mission.ca/

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