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Accounting FAQ's

Why was an amount greater than my maintenance fee withdrawn from my account?

Maintenance fees may have increased at the Annual General Meeting and the fee increase is retroactive to the beginning of your fiscal year.  If you have signed up for preauthorized payments then these amounts will be withdrawn automatically from your account once approved by the owners at an Annual General Meeting.

Why did I receive this invoice, if I paid my maintenance fees?

  • You may have outstanding fines or bylaw violations that have not been paid.
  • Payment and invoice may have passed each other in the mail.
  • Your postdated checks may have run out and need to be replenished.
  • There may have been an increase in fees that were retroactive to the beginning of your fiscal year which have not yet been paid.
  • We may not have received your payment.

How do I stop my Pre-Authorized Payment (PAP)?

When a strata lot is sold we are notified by the legal firm completing the transaction and the PAP is automatically cancelled.  

Owners who want to cancel their PAP for other reasons must give us written instruction by mail, fax, and email or in person before the 20th of the month prior to the intended cancellation date.

How do I change the bank account my maintenance fees are being withdrawn from (PAP)?

To have your account information changed you must supply us with a new void check by mail, in person, by email or fax by the 20th of the month prior to the intended date change.  

Example: If you need a change to be implemented for the 1st of December, we must receive the submission before or at the latest on the 20th of November.

How do I pay my Maintenance Fees?

Maintenance fees may be paid:

  • By cheque, money order or bank draft.
  • Automatically through pre-authorized payments which can be withdrawn from your bank account each month.
  • Special assessments may be paid in the same manner, but we will require written authorization to withdraw additional funds on a pre-authorized account for special assessments and other unscheduled withdrawals. This can be provided via mail or e-mail to your strata manager.

How are my strata fees determined?

An annual budget for the maintenance of common expenses is approved by the strata council before the end of a fiscal year.  The proposed budget is then presented to the owners at the Annual General Meeting for the approval by a majority vote of the owners in attendance  The budget will include all of the anticipated expenses necessary to cover the annual common (shared) expenditures for the fiscal year.  An example of such expenses are:

  • Landscaping
  • Snow Removal
  • Common Area Electricity & Utilities
  • Waste Removal
  • Building Repairs
  • Maintenance
  • Insurance
  • Amenities
  • Contingency Reserve Fund Contributions

Each unit is then assessed their portion of the total budget based on their unit entitlement as per the calculation below:


Unit Entitlement of Strata Lot
----------------------------------- X Total Contribution
Unit Entitlement of All Strata Lots

Unit entitlement is determined by the developer prior to your Strata Plan being registered at Land Titles Office.  It is a representation of each homes total square metres in relationship to the total square metres of all lots.

How much are my Strata Fees?

This information is available in the Notice of the Annual General Meeting.  You may also contact your strata manager who can provide you with this information.

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